RLD Design-_0055_Full ammo crate slider_3

Ammo Crate Slider

Maximize the useable space in your RLD Design canopy with our Ammo Crate Slider and Lion Boxes. This innovative rail system provides access to your Lion Boxes through the gull wing doors. The slider is designed to store your Lion Boxes close to the canopy roof so you have ample room underneath them to store the rest of your gear.

Standard tub $ 495.00 Wide tub $ 495.00 Extra wide tub $ 565.00
RLD Design-_0010_Roof mounted table_Closed

Roof Mounted table

Keep your camping table conveniently stowed with one of our Roof Mounted Table Brackets. Available in two different sizes to fit every canopy. Available with or without a table.

Bracket incl. Table $ 970.00 Table Bracket $ 620.00
RLD Design-Flat-Roofrack-3-copy-1000x1000

Roof Rack

Our Platform Roof Racks are made of high quality stainless steel and are powder coated. These racks are extremely strong yet exceptionally light with an abundance of mounting holes.

Single cab $ 1 935.00 Extra cab $ 1 530.00 Double cab $ 1 330.00

Including load bars

RLD Design-Lion Box-1000x1000


RLD Design Lion Boxes are the ultimate overlanding storage solution. They’re durable, stackable, and feature clip locks to keep contents safely secured. The interior of the container is a simple rectangle to maximize storage space. The exterior features integrated grips for easy lifting and loading.

$ 62.00
RLD Design-LED-Light-USB-1000x1000

LED Light

Our motion activated LED lights have magnets to easily mount anywhere on your canopy, they are also rechargeable.

$ 155.00
Window Options 2

Window options

Our Australian canopies come standard with sliding windows on the gull wing doors. Alternative options are solid glass windows or solid stainless steel doors without windows. You can modify your canopy at any time by ordering replacement doors with different options.

Sliding Windows $ 395.00 Solid windows $ 283.00
Bin slider_2

Bin Slider

Loading and unloading cannot be made any easier. Our bin slider brings all of your tub space out the back of your ute's tailgate. It is designed to have 3 positions, fully retracted, half extended and fully extended. All three positions lock in place with the standard spring bolt latches. These sliders are made of powder coated stainless steel and are designed to carry in excess of 200kg. The Bin Slider is bolted to your ute tub, drilling is required.

$ 1 550.00
RLD Design-Loadbars-1000x1000

Load Bars

If you don’t need a platform rack but still want to utilise the roof space of your RLD canopy, these load bars are for you. The load bars require no modification to your canopy, are bolt-on and simple to install. Like all RLD products, the load bars are made of durable, powder coated stainless steel.

$ 285.00
RLD Design-_0024_6 PC Kitchen unit_1

Kitchen Unit

The RLD Design Kitchen Unit keeps everything you need for mealtime close at hand. The unit includes the cavity, foam insert, crockery, cutlery and a fold out table. The fold out table can be used as an area for meal preparation or as a platform for your stove.

Fully stocked 4 piece $ 1 830.00 Fully stocked 6 piece $ 2 057.00 Fold Out Table $ 565.00
RLD Design-_0017_Pantry_1


Experience optimized storage with our versatile Pantry, idealy suited to enhance your cooking experience. Our Pantry is provided standard with a soft-lined interior and retaining straps, protecting even the most fragile of products.

Pantry Double Cab Ute - 3/4 Length - $ 715
Pantry Extra Cab Ute - 1/2 Length - $ 815
RLD Design-_0040_Hunter Drinks cabinet

Drinks Cabinet

The Drinks Cabinet compliments the Hunter canopy and is exclusively available for the Hunter. It comes standard as a 4 piece unit. The unit includes the cavity, foam insert, crockery, cutlery and a foldout table.

Flat deck_installed_2

Flat Deck

Our Flat Deck is made to separate the vehicle’s bin. Creating additional top and bottom storage space for your belongings. Ideally suited to work with our Bin Slider.